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    Since Aspiration arrived in Phuket from the Mediterranean in late 2010, she has cruised widely in Asia and made many voyages some of which are described below.

    She has sailed to the Andaman Islands, approximately 600 miles north of Phuket. This is a remote Indian owned archipelago, north of the Nicobars in the Indian Ocean, which still has cannibals on several of its islands‎ and has been strictly conserved by the Indian Government. 

    On a number of occasions Aspiration has also sailed down the Malacca Straights, calling in at Batam Island, opposite Singapore and one of the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia and has cruised the islands off eastern Sumatra.

    Aspiration has cruised across the Java Sea, north to south Kalimantan, south to the Indonesian island of Bali, then east to Lombok and then onward passing the much larger island of Sumbawa and through the Flores Sea to the world famous Komodo Island, with its national park ‎containing Komodo dragons. She has sailed to Rinca Island followed yet further east to the island of Flores.

    Aspiration has also cruised the Wakatobi archipelago off the south east coast of Sulawesi, to the north of Flores.

    She ‎has also cruised widely in Myanmar, through the Mergui archipelago, north of Ranong.

    Closer to her home port of Phuket, Aspiration has cruised the remote ‎Surin islands off the south coast of Myanmar, the home of sea gypsies who commute between Thailand and Myanmar.

    She has also sailed to the Similan islands to the south of the Surins and the Butang islands further south still and just north west of the Malaysian island of Langkawi, around all of which Aspiration has frequently cruised, including many other islands in the Andaman Sea, which Aspiration continues ‎to visit.

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